February 19, 2010

Family alleges negligence by Mayo Clinic in man’s suicide

By Kelley Luckstein

A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against Mayo Clinic, which was caring for a man who killed himself last year by jumping off a nearby parking ramp. Heather J. Harms, widow and next of kin for Kevin D. Harms, brought the lawsuit, filed in Olmsted District Court, against the clinic. Kevin Harms was being treated for depression at the time of his death. He had walked away from the hospital shortly before his death…


"Mayo believes that it provided the best possible care to Mr. Harms and intends to vigorously defend the doctors and nurses who provided that care,'' Bryan Anderson, a Mayo spokesman, said in a statement. He added that Mayo "extends its sympathy to the Harms family."


Post-Bulletin, by Janice Gregorson, 2/18/2010

Tags: depression, lawsuit, Legal / Leadership, suicide

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