February 26, 2010

Peter Orszag: Putting the Deficit on a Diet

By Kelley Luckstein

Peter Orszag is playing a more prominent policy role than directors of the Office of Management & Budget have in the recent past. He helped design the Administration's $787 billion stimulus plan and the health-care-overhaul bill now before Congress. As the economy has stabilized, he's begun tackling the gargantuan deficits that threaten America's fiscal stability…


Can you learn anything from a Cleveland Clinic or a Mayo Clinic?
Absolutely. This is the stunning part. We have examples in the U.S. of world-class medicine being delivered at much lower costs than at other institutions. And if we can move toward the practice norms that exist at Cleveland and at Mayo, we would not only have higher quality, we'd have lower costs, too.

BusinessWeek, by Charlie Rose, 2/25/2010

Tags: health care reform, Health Policy, Health Policy

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