March 11, 2010

The Historians

By Kelley Luckstein

Physicians find that studying medicine’s past prompts critical thinking about the present.


As a pre-med student in the 1960s, Bruce Fye got an unlikely tip that would add a twist to his career. A bookseller, who knew that Fyedr-bruce-fye was both an avid collector of old books and an aspiring doctor, suggested he shift the focus of his collecting to medical volumes.


Fye did, and by the time he finished medical school, he had amassed a collection of several hundred unusual texts. What Fye hadn’t expected was that the experience would pique his interest in the history of medicine.


Now a cardiologist at Mayo Clinic, Fye has become a specialist in both fields and calls himself a clinician-historian. He’s not the only physician to delve into medicine’s past.


Minnesota Medicine, by Kate Ledger, 3/2010

Tags: Bruce Fye, Cardiology, historian

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