March 17, 2010

Fix for a Faulty Heartbeat

By Kelley Luckstein

Patients with the most common type of irregular heartbeat who aren't helped by drugs may benefit from a treatment that freezes tiny portions of heart tissue to correct a flaw, a new study shows. A total of 228 patients underwent a "catheter ablation," in which a tube is slid into the heart…


Douglas L. Packer, a Mayo Clinic cardiologist, also presented early results of a planned large study of catheter ablation versus drugs in helping patients avoid death, stroke, cardiac arrest and serious bleeding. In the pilot portion of that study, involving 60 patients, catheter ablation was more effective than drugs.


Wall Street Journal, by Thomas Burton, 3/16/2010

Tags: Cardiology, Catheter ablation, Dr. Douglas Packer, irregular heartbeat

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