March 22, 2010

A Health Care Plan So Cheap, They Made Him Raise the Price


Hi, America, is it too late to propose a new health care plan? Because Dr. John Muney has an idea. The AMG Medical Group, which he founded last year, offers a $79-a-month buffet of unlimited office visits…


Unlimited access to doctors is common in so-called concierge practices, but they can cost thousands of dollars. For $79 a person, it’s almost unheard of in New York, though AMG’s plan should not be confused with insurance, and it does not cover hospitalization or specialists…


By way of unfair comparison, Dr. Robert Nesse, a Mayo Clinic family-practice physician, told me he might spend up to an hour with a patient during a first physical, having a long discussion of family history, recent changes or abnormalities and social and mental dynamics; doing dermatological, pelvic and breast exams; and suggesting a schedule of preventive services. Then again, such a physical might cost up to $200.


NY Times, by Ariel Kaminer, 3/21/2010

Tags: AMG, Dr. Robert Nesse, General Internal Medicine, health care plan, Health Policy, unlimited care

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