March 22, 2010

Match Day marks next big step for medical school graduates


Smiles, tears of joy and even a couple of screams accompanied Mayo Medical School's Match Day luncheon on Thursday, when 34match-day graduates found out where they will be fulfilling their residencies.

Having applied and interviewed with several different residency programs nationwide, each medical student had ranked his or her choices and hoped for the best. For the more competitive specialties, some students interviewed with as many as 25 to 30 programs, said Patricia Barrier, Mayo Medical School's associate dean for student affairs.


"It's kind of a unique feeling, because in the past, whenever I've felt a bit nervous for things, there was always some kind of performance to do — either an exam or presentation," said Rod Rahini, a graduate of Mayo Medical School. "And today, there's no performance. You just have to show up and receive your envelope."


Post-Bulletin, by Edie Grossfield 3/19/2010

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