March 22, 2010

Musician Plays Violin as Surgeons Operate on His Brain


Roger Frisch of Plymouth, Minn., lay on the operating table with his hands clutching his violin to his chin. While surgeons operated onviolin-dbs1 Frisch's brain, Frisch began to play the chords he's known for more than 30 years…In June 2009, doctors diagnosed Frisch with essential tremors…


The condition most often affects hand movements, and simple tasks such as drinking a glass of water or eating become difficult. But for Frisch, a concert master with the Minneapolis Orchestra, his right hand shook uncontrollably only when he held his bow up to his violin…


When other medical therapies did not work for Frisch, Dr. Kendall Lee, director of the Mayo Clinic Neural Engineering Laboratory, turned to deep brain stimulation -- a surgical treatment that implants an electrode to send electrical pulses to the specific parts of the brain signaling erroneously.


ABC World News, by Richard Besser, 3/18/2010


Also on Good Morning America

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