March 23, 2010

C. diff more common than MRSA, can be contained with bleach wipe, studies find


Just as Clostridium difficile (C. diff) is rapidly becoming one of the most dangerous hospital-acquired infections, new research shows it can be slowed down with a simple bleach disinfectant wipe…


Enter the Mayo Clinic, which recently found that a good portion of C. diff infections can be prevented…


While the team conducting the study initially aimed to increase the time between reported hospital-acquired infections to more than 20 days, at the study's conclusion, "one unit had gone 137 days without a...C.diff infection," said Dr. Robert Orenstein, the study's lead investigator.


FierceHealthcare, by Dan Bowman, 3/22/2010

Tags: C.Diff, Dr. Robert Orenstein, Infectious Diseases, MRSA

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