March 23, 2010

Gene is Linked to Lung Cancer Development in Never Smokers


A five-center collaborative study that scanned the genomes of thousands of “never smokers” diagnosed with lung cancer as well as healthy never smokers has found a gene they say could be responsible for a significant number of those cancers…


“This is the first gene that has been found that is specifically associated with lung cancer in people who have never smoked,” says the study’s lead investigator, Ping Yang, M.D., Ph.D., Mayo Clinic genetic epidemiologist. What’s more, our findings suggest GPC5 may be a critical gene in lung cancer development and genetic variations of this gene may significantly contribute to increased risk of lung cancer,” she says. “This is very exciting.”, 3/22/2010


Additional coverage:,, Daily Mail, Japan Herald

Tags: Cancer, Lung Cancer, MD, never smokers, Ping Yang

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