March 26, 2010

Why You May Not Need That Vitamin D Test After All


Right now, at this very moment, your vitamin D levels are probably at their lowest levels of the year, since your body can't make the nutrient from sunshine during the dark winter months. Many people are, especially after having their levels tested and being told that they're deficient. With a spate of recent studies touting the prevalence of D deficiency—half of all Americans—and the disease-prevention benefits of having high vitamin D levels, doctors have rushed to test and treat low levels with supplements…


Some experts, though, are starting to sound alarms about the boom in testing, which has been increasing by 80 to 90 percent per year, with several million people expected to be checked in 2010, according to Mayo Clinic pathologist Ravinder Singh.


US News & World Report, by Deborah Kotz, 3/25/2010

Tags: Endocrinology / Diabetes, Mayo Clinic pathologist Ravinder Singh, Radiology, vitamin D

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