March 29, 2010

Test Predicts Which Patients Benefit From $6 Billion MS Drugs


Multiple sclerosis drugs from Biogen Idec Inc., Merck KGaA and Bayer AG with sales of $6.1 billion work for fewer than 3 in 4 patients and a test can predict which ones, a study found…


"This information could allow us to better select a group of people who are likely to respond in the first place and to optimize use of the drug," said Dean Wingerchuk, a professor of neurology and vice-chair of research at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona. "It's the first step toward identification of objective biomarkers that would lead to the goal of personalized therapy."


San Francisco Chronicle, by Rob Waters, 3/28/2010


Additional coverage: Boston Globe

Tags: Dean Wingerchuk, Mayo Clinic Arizona, multiple sclerosis, Neurology

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