March 31, 2010

What? The similarities between raw milk and medical marijuana aren’t obvious?


Even as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warns against drinking raw milk, Wisconsin legislators are considering giving consumers access to the stuff. Or at least easier access...


Here's the Wisconsin State Journal's report on today's raw-milk action. And here's the FDA's warning about an outbreak of campylobacteriosis linked to raw milk in Michigan. The culprit apparently came from a dairy in Indiana…


The Seattle Times recently offered this well-done overview on the raw-milk controversy.


Here's an excerpt: "Never mind that health authorities like the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Mayo Clinic say you shouldn't drink the stuff. To some, the bad news is evidence of a conspiracy. It involves Big Ag trying to stamp out the little guy, Big Government pushing its way into our kitchens, sleazy lawyers trying to make a buck, and scientists who malign a key to good health...."


LA Times, By Tami Dennis 3/31/2010

Tags: Nutrition, raw milk

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