April 1, 2010

FSU medical student Jimmy Moss defies all the odds


Sometimes the apple falls far from the tree. Not Jimmy Moss. He landed in an entirely different orchard. His story is more the stuff of Hollywood than real life, yet Moss is as real can be. Built like an NFL linebacker and blessed with an engaging personality, Moss is six weeks from earning his medical degree at Florida State University. In June he will begin a three-year residency in internal medicine at the esteemed Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. Dr. Jimmy Moss…


No one – not even Moss – could have possibly imagined this two decades ago. Moss, the oldest of three children and about to turn 10, was living one day at a time. His father was in and out of jail; his mother was battling diabetes and unable to work…School was his safe place. Always. For reasons that defy explanation, Moss excelled in the classroom even though his life away from school was a daily struggle.


Tallahasse.com, by Doug Blackburn, 4/1/2010

Tags: Dr. Jimmy Moss, Mayo Clinic Jacksonville

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