April 2, 2010

Turning Your Workday Into Weight Loss


For decades, the office has been seen as the sedentary, do-nothing enemy of fitness -- a place to sit eight hours a day and slowly pile on weight…


One expert believes it can be. In fact, in just six months, the Mayo Clinic's Dr. James A. Levine and colleagues helped 18 Minneapolis office workers lose a total of 156 pounds, just by redesigning the office and the office workday.


"By harnessing a little creativity, one can infuse the workday with movement. And in so doing -- while adjusting the way we think about food -- the pounds will simply start melting off," said Levine, who is a professor of medicine in Mayo's department of endocrinology in Rochester, Minn.


HealthDay, by Alan Mozes, 4/1/2010


Also in: US News & World Report, BusinessWeek

Tags: Endocrinology / Diabetes, moving, weight loss

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