April 5, 2010

April 5: Health Care Reform News


GOP sees Walz's First District seat as ripe for picking

Republicans aiming to win back control of Congress in November see bright prospects around places like Bill's Hardware in Minnesota Lake, where owner Georgia Neubauer wonders what the health care overhaul will mean to her business and the seven employees…


The answers that emerge in the coming months could bear heavily on a key congressional race in Minnesota's First District, a sprawling patch of rural heartland represented by DFLer Tim Walz…


Mayo factor


Walz, for his part, believes the health care legislation has more support in his district than the Republicans -- and some national polls -- suggest. His biggest ace-in-the-hole may be the influential Mayo Clinic, the world-renown medical provider and major Rochester employer. "Where I may be unique in the country is because of that loud, overwhelming voice of Mayo," Walz said. "Their presence is always there."


Star Tribune, by Kevin Diaz, 4/2010




Why The Fate of Health Reform Lies in States’ Hands

The Washington Post

April 2, 2010


Though reform opponents have derided the Affordable Care Act for being a federal takeover of the health care system, the new health law actually leaves a lot up to the states.


New Health Initiatives Put Spotlight on Prevention

The New York Times

April 4, 2010


Amid all the rancor leading up to passage of the new health care law, Congress approved a set of wide-ranging public initiatives to prevent disease and encourage healthy behavior.


U.S. Wealthy Lack Easy Loopholes to Offset Obama’s Tax Plan

Business Week

April 5, 2010


Because the new health care legislation applies a 3.8 percent Medicare tax on unearned income such as realized capital gains, dividends, interest, rents and royalties, the capital gains tax will rise to 23.8 percent in 2013.


Insurance Pool to Offer Reduced-Rate Coverage

The New York Times

April 5, 2010


In one of its first steps to carry out the new healthcare law, the Obama administration announced that it was establishing a temporary insurance pool where uninsured people with medical problems could buy coverage at reduced rates.




Health Care Reform Leaves Out Illegal Immigrants

The Associated Press

April 5, 2010


The question of whether to extend coverage to illegal immigrants was so politically contentious that, under the approved legislation, they will not even be able to buy health insurance in the newly created purchasing pools called exchanges even if they pay entirely out of their own pocket.



America’s Youth Divided on Health Care Reform

The Huffington Post

April 4, 2010


A recent poll to American teens revealed an overall consensus (57%) that was pleased by the bill's passing even with skepticism and confusion about the benefits to be derived from the legislation.




Potential Risk to Blood Supply Probed

The Wall Street Journal

April 5, 2010


An infectious virus linked to two diseases is drawing the attention of public-health officials who are investigating the potential threat to the nation's blood supply.




No Clarity on Charity Care Pushes Hospitals, Lawmakers to Create Definitions

The Chicago Tribune

April 5, 2010


The lack of a clear definition of charity care is putting nonprofit hospitals in a bind, as Illinois has never defined how much charity care is needed to be considered a nonprofit hospital.


Californians Take Generally Positive View of Health Care Reform

The Los Angeles Times

April 5, 2010


By a margin of 46% to 29%, California voters surveyed said they would be more likely to vote for a politician who had supported the health bill and just over half the pollsters said they believed the country would be better off because of the bill.


Health Tax May Wallop Massachusetts’ Towns

The Boston Globe

April 5, 2010


Massachusetts municipalities that offer employees, retirees, and elected officials the most generous and costly health insurance plans will feel the squeeze of the new national health care law's tax on "Cadillac" insurance plans.


In Colorado, Health Care Debate Reverberates in Congressional Race

The Washington Post

April 5, 2010


Rep. Betsy Markey was one of just eight House members who switched their votes from 'no' to 'yes' on the health care bill; her vote left the endangered incumbent in an even more precarious position.


Spring Forecast:  Incivility with a Chance of Rage


April 5, 2010


If the experience of New Hampshire’s two Democratic House members is any indication, the raw emotion and mistrust emanating from last summer’s congressional town halls never really went away.


Video: The Uphill Battle for Health Care

The Wall Street Journal

April 5, 2010ill Battle for Health

The Journal Editorial Report panel discusses legal, political and economic fallout from the health-care overhaul.

Obama’s Uphill Battle Continues

The Washington Post - Op-Ed

April 5, 2010

President Obama’s health care victory marked the beginning of a new phase in the administration's political struggles, not a final triumph.

The Tea Partiers:  Hating Big Brother

The National Journal Magazine

April 3, 2010


What's driving the ferocious backlash against health care reform?  It is fear of the abusive power of Big Government.


Health Care Reform Final Package Ensures More Funding for Primary Care

American Medical News

April 5, 2010


Physicians who provide primary care to patients are among those the federal government will single out for more support under the final health system reform package that is now the law of the land.


Lessons from the Health Care Wars

The Prospect

April 5, 2010


Activism on the ground creates pressure for bolder reform and gives liberal elected officials more room to maneuver.




Bipolar Rx Sales

Health Populi

April 5, 2010


The two ends of the prescription drug cost-continuum drove growth in Rx spending in 2009: expensive specialty drugs and low-cost generics.

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