April 5, 2010

Less invasive procedure for brain aneurysms


She was at work when symptoms hit. A headache like no other. An aneurysm ruptured in her brain. If this happens, you have a 40 % chance of surviving.


But doctors at Mayo Clinic performed a surgical procedure that saved the life of the woman you're about to meet. All without brain surgery. Dr. Hanel kept going, This close, you came this close. Right there? That's the aneurysm." Dr. Ricardo Hanel says this aneurysm is similar to the one Susan had.


"An aneurysm is what we describe as a blister on a vessel wall." And if it ruptures, you need treatment fast. The standard procedure means open brain surgery. But for Susan, Dr. Hanel used another, much less invasive technique. No scalpels and clamps, just wire coils.


WVLT-TV, by Allison Kropff, 4/2010

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