April 6, 2010

Sleep disorders a nightmare for many


During the day, Lawrence Neumann was a mild-mannered man, considerate, kind and loving to his wife of many years, Bonnie. In the middle of the night, as they tried to sleep, he became someone else, screaming obscenities, grunting, kicking, punching Bonnie in the arm, violently hurling himself out of bed…


Lawrence had a little-known condition, REM sleep behavior disorder, in which people act out their dreams, unconsciously, during sleep…Nine out of 10 people who suffer the disorder are men. The vast majority are 50 or older, although new research is finding a higher prevalence of the disorder in younger adults as sleep problems gain more attention, according to Dr. Bradley Boeve, a professor of neurology at the Mayo Clinic and a leading expert on this condition.


Chicago Tribune, by Judith Graham, 4/5/2010

Tags: Dr. Bradley Boeve, Neurology, REM, sleep disorders, Sleep Medicine

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