April 8, 2010

DCFS reviewing death of Springfield toddler


Prosecutors are reviewing the case of a Springfield boy whose 2008 death was attributed to cancer by the Sangamon County coroner’s office…


Dr. Carola Arndt, professor of pediatrics at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, said anything is possible in medicine, but it would be “pretty unusual” for someone to die of cancer without exhibiting symptoms, such as pain that would be significant enough to require medical attention. “It’s not like they walk in and drop dead,” said Arndt, who specializes in sarcoma.


“The bottom line is, it would be extremely unusual for the child to drop dead of this disease without previously exhibiting symptoms.” The type of cancer that Bowman blamed for Anakin’s death is rare. Fewer than 1,000 cases a year are reported in the United States, Arndt said.


The State Journal-Register, by Bruce Rushton, 4/2010

Tags: Cancer, Dr. Carola Arndt, Ewings sarcoma, Pediatrics

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