April 9, 2010

Ronald McDonald House celebrates 30 years


The Ronald McDonald House in Rochester has served more than 15,000 children in its 30 years, but it still has a waiting list for families whose children are undergoing medical care at Mayo Clinic.

It first opened as "Northland House" in 1980, became Ronald McDonald House in 1995 and was expanded in 2004. Since then, 15,000 children and their families from around the globe have come through its doors. In 2009, 568 children were served. But 713 children on the waiting list were turned away.

"It is a trend. We are turning away more families. Our board is very cognizant of that," said executive director Linda Bonow at the annual meeting Thursday at the Rochester Golf and Country Club.

Dr. Glenn Forbes, Mayo medical director for state government and community affairs, read the words of just one mother. Her 6-year-old child sang along to every song he heard and smiled often, but his growth slowed as illness appeared.


Post-Bulletin, by Jeff Hansel, 4/9/2010

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