September 1, 2011

More Evidence Links Genes to Parkinson’s


More Evidence Links Genes to Parkinson’s, genetic variation that reduces the risk of Parkinson's disease by nearly 20 percent in many populations has been found by an international team of scientists. They also identified other variants of the same gene -- LRRK2 -- that double the risk of Parkinson's in whites and Asians…The investigation was led by neuroscientists at the Mayo Clinic in Florida, and the findings appear in the Aug. 31 online issue of The Lancet Neurology. "The idea that Parkinson's disease occurs mostly in a random sporadic fashion is changing," lead investigator Owen Ross said in a Mayo news release. Additional coverage: US News & World Report, Newsday, Medscape Today

HealthDay, 9/1/11

Tags: Genomics, Neurology

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