September 13, 2011

To Help Erectile Dysfunction, Treat the Heart


Erectile dysfunction has become the target of some blockbuster drugs and a lot of jokes on late-night TV, but the condition may help save lives — at least indirectly…Reporting in the Archives of Internal Medicine, a team led by Dr. Stephen Kopecky, a professor of medicine and cardiovascular diseases, found that men with ED who either made lifestyle changes to lower their risk of heart disease…or took medications to control their high cholesterol or blood pressure were 2.5 times more likely to see improvements in their sexual function over a period of at least six weeks than those who didn't make the heart-healthy changes. Additional coverage: Wall Street Journal, news@JAMA, Times of India, Baltimore Sun, CNN, Doctors Lounge, WHTC (Mich.), Toronto Telegraph

TIME, by Alice Park, 9/13/11

Tags: Cardiology, Urology

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