October 3, 2011

In An Increasingly Crowded Landscape, Few Health Sites Will Survive


Two years ago, Derek Streat’s then 4-year-old daughter contracted a life-threatening autoimmune disorder that inflames blood vessels. Streat did what some 100 million people do: he started combing the web in a desperate search for information that could elucidate his daughter’s mysterious illness…When that experience left him dissatisfied, he decided to form Medify, a search and content site that sifts through millions of scientific studies from Medline and then ranks information on a range of diseases, from treatments to academic centers… But there’s MedHelp, Everyday Health, Healthline, PatientsLikeMe, Sharecare, HealthCentral, Organized Wisdom, and non-profits such as the Mayo Clinic.

Forbes, Zina Moukheiber, 10/3/11

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