October 3, 2011

Mayo Clinic formalizes work with research partner in Czech Republic


Mayo Clinic signed a research agreement with Czech Republic institute St. Anne’s University Hospital Brno-International Clinical Research Center, according to a news release. This follows a $220 million infrastructure grant funded by the European Union and Czech government to construct a new building on site. The Mayo Clinic and International Clinical Research Center have worked together for seven years in various ways. Initial research will focus on cardiology and neurology. “Mayo Clinic begins any of its partnerships or relationships in research by mutual interest; talking to each other and the relationship building that way from the ground up. That is what happened here and that’s how many of our other [partnerships] have occurred,” said spokesman Robert Nellis.

MedCity News, Yael Grauer, 10/3/11  

Additional coverage: Austin Daily Herald

Tags: International, Research

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