October 14, 2011

For Many, Epilepsy Surgery Effective Long-Term


Almost half of the people who undergo surgery for epilepsy remain free of seizures 10 years later, a new study finds…This study suggests that some patients with focal epilepsy -- the most common form of the seizure disorder -- should be eligible for surgery sooner, the British researchers said…Dr. Joseph I. Sirven, professor and chairman of the department of neurology at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona and chair-elect of the Professional Advisory Board at the Epilepsy Foundation, explained the significance of the research, saying "this is one of the largest series of epilepsy surgery patients which included both temporal and extratemporal lobe resection for drug-resistant epilepsy."

HealthDay, by Steven Reinberg, 10/14/11

Additional coverage: Doctors Lounge

Tags: Neurology

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