October 28, 2011

HPV vaccine: Miracle or menace?


It's a drug that holds the promise of doing what no other vaccine has done before: preventing cancer. But some say it also poses great risk…But a vocal minority believes the vaccine is not safe. Among them are girls who got the shot and later became sick. Khonstince Couch is one of those girls. Her mother said she was healthy before she got Gardasil…The teenager has battled the symptoms for almost two years. Finally, finding no answers, one of Zimmerman's doctors sent her to the famed Mayo Clinic, conceding in his notes that her debilitating symptoms are "possible adverse reactions to Gardasil vaccine." When asked if they have gotten a definitive diagnosis, the girls looked at each other knowingly and laughed. For all the Gardasil girls, as they're so often called, answers are elusive.

WISH TV, 10/28/11

Tags: Women's Health

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