November 3, 2011

Interviews: How Social Media Is Changing the Medical Field


More than a thousand U.S. hospitals now use social media, and a recent study found that over 65% of physicians use social media for professional purposes. But with more than 5,000 registered hospitals in the country, there is room for growth… Lee Aases, Social Media Director at Mayo Clinic, had this to say: “They [doctors] really don’t have choice about whether [they're] going to be involved in social media or not. Hospitals or health systems as well as individual medical providers will be talked about in the social media space. By joining in on the conversation, they can help influence the conversation which can have personal or organizational benefits while also doing good for society by providing trustworthy credible reliable information.”

Sprout Social Insights, Melissa Talon, 11/3/11

Tags: Social Media

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