November 22, 2011

Concussions in sports a subtle threat


Thanksgiving is a state of mind, a time to count blessings. Danny White feels like one of the lucky ones. White is an Arizona State University legend, the first native Arizonan inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame…"We don't finish insulating the nerves in our brains until the age of 25," said Dr. David Dodick, medical director for the Mayo Clinic Sports Concussion Program in Arizona and a leading expert in the field. "The un-insulated nerves are sheared easier. The concern is these young kids are more vulnerable to concussions, 99 percent of whom never make it to the pros. I don't believe we have a clue to what happens to them down the road."

Arizona Republic, by Dan Bickley, 11/20/11

Additional coverage: Tucson Citizen

Tags: concussions, Dr. David Dodick, Mayo Clinic Arizona, Neurology

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