December 8, 2011

Is your desk a death trap?


Our sedentary, office-bound lives are slowly killing us. Luckily, one British scientist thinks he has the answer. But will the 'treadmill desk' catch on? John Preston finds out.  In 2006, James Levine, a British scientist based at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, conducted a very strange experiment. He wanted to measure something which goes by the cumbersome title of Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis - or NEAT. Essentially, this examines how people move about during an average day - not when they're exercising, but when they're making no special effort to keep fit.

Sydney Morning Herald, 

Additional coverage: Minneapolis/ St. Paul Business Journal

Tags: Endocrinology / Diabetes, James Levine, Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis - or NEAT

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