December 8, 2011

Man Dies From Severe Nosebleed


The death of a 47-year-old British man who suffered a severe nosebleed has medical examiners perplexed. Robert Ford of Gravesend, Kent, was walking with a friend when the nosebleed started, the U.K. Daily Mail reported today…“We see an increased frequency of nosebleeds as the weather turns cooler because people start heating their homes,” said  Dr. Jason Homme, assistant professor of pediatrics at the Mayo Clinic. “When the humidity goes down, the nasal lining is drier and more prone to irritation.” In children, Homme said, the commonest cause of nosebleeds is digital trauma — nose picking.

ABC News,  by Katie Moisse, 12/5/11

Tags: Hematology, Jason Homme, Pediatrics

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