December 23rd, 2011

December 23: Philanthropy News


Philanthropy by the Rest of Us
New York Times
December 23, 2011

Just as important, they produced a revolution in philanthropy. At that time, the 1 percent of the late Gilded Age, men with names like Carnegie and ...

Mt. Sinai CEO: How to keep a hospital afloat
December 23, 2011

Of that $2.4 billion, half of it will come from philanthropy, and about half of that philanthropy will come form the board, which is an amazing commitment. ...

Understanding Where the Big Gifts Will Come From in 2012
Chronicle of Philanthropy
December 23, 2011

While the still-struggling economy poses fund-raising challenges in 2012, the potential for changes in the tax code will motivate some wealthy ...

How to Turn Every Corporate Member into a Philanthropist
December 23, 2011

For years, corporate philanthropy, the commitment of corporations to the causes of humanity, was the province of corporate founders and business leaders. ...

Oxfam America Spurs Holiday Gifts With 'Cheeky' Campaign
Chronicle of Philanthropy
December 23, 2011

... to Oxfam America, the US branch of the global development charity. The video is part of a campaign that pokes fun at holiday-gift traditions to spur ...

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