January 19, 2012

Trial Over Personalized Treatment to be Conducted Next Year


 With the pursuit of providing personalized treatment to patients, the doctors have planned up to unlock the genetic code of thousands of people. The initial steps of the plan will be taken by the doctors of Mayo Clinic, located in the US…Gianrico Farrugia from Mayo Clinic is of the view that if their efforts prove fruitful then the personalized treatment would bring revolution in the way treatment is provided to patients. Gianrico Farrugia was reported as saying, “We are convinced that whole genome sequencing is going to radically change the way we practice medicine. The question is, how do you change the practice of medicine... Ok, we accept it's a great thing, let's do it”.

Top News, by Cindy Tweed, 12/2011

Tags: Genomics, Mayo Clinic Rochester

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