January 20, 2012

Heart procedure by ambulance crew increases cardiac patients’ chances of survival


Today, EMS personnel in the ambulance are authorized to administer a 12-lead ECG immediately and, if the results show heart attack, they can notify the hospital and that catheter lab team can be summoned… Mayo Clinic Health System in Mankato was already better than the national average. Its door-to-balloon time is about 55 minutes versus the national average of 67. But this improved standard of operation, which has been going on for a while but was formally in place Jan. 1, promises to improve times even more…Dr. Kevin Cragun, a cardiologist at Mayo in Mankato, said he recently had a heart attack patient come in where, after a 12-lead ECG was done in the ambulance and the Emergency Department was bypassed, they door-to-balloon time was just 27 minutes.

Mankato Free Press,  by Robb Murray,… 1/12/2012

Tags: Cardiology, Mayo Clinic Health System

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