January 20, 2012

Nicotine patch showing promise to help with aging brains,


People may start using the nicotine patch for something other than giving up smoking.   There's new evidence it could boost brain power.   "Nicotine-treated patients do better on learning tasks, attention tasks, memory tasks," said Dr. Paul Newhouse, from  Vanderbilt University School of Medicine…But outside experts say the new research is promising and a necessity.  "A real crisis in this country is the fact that baby boomers are turning into the age of risk for Alzheimer's Disease. Just last year the first wave of baby boomers turned 65," said Dr. Ron Petersen, with the Mayo Clinic. Additional coverage: Washington Post, NBC Action News (Kansas City), ABC-7 Cape Coral, Fla., KPLC (La.),

KY3 (Mo.), 1/9/2012

Tags: Mayo Clinic Rochester, Neurology

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