January 23, 2012

Grand Canyon State Games chief Erik Widmark battling Parkinson’s,


…Widmark didn’t get an immediate diagnosis. He was a tough guy, a former NFL receiver and coach and front-office executive with the Cardinals. He figured he’d just outlast whatever was happening to his body…But the symptoms kept getting worse. After three years, Widmark went to the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, where doctors informed him he had Parkinson’s…“He thought about it for a long time. And there are some doctors not in favor of doing that. But one of the doctors at Mayo said it would change his life.” That doctor, Virgilio Evidente, is a neurologist at the Mayo Clinic. He said only 10 to 20 percent of patients with advanced Parkinson’s, as was the case with Widmark, undergo the operation, even though at least 50 percent are eligible. Additional coverage: USA TODAY

Tucson Citizen,  1/22/2012

Tags: Mayo Clinic Arizona, Neurology

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