January 24, 2012

Allergic to cold? It’s a real condition, experts say


Grant Schlager sounds like a typical Minnesota kid: He loves to play outside, no matter how cold it gets, and he's pretty excited that a slow-to-start snow season is finally underway. But Grant, who turns 12 this week, has a problem: He is literally allergic to cold. It makes him break out in hives and could cause more serious reactions if he's not careful. …Martha Hartz, a pediatric allergist and immunologist at Mayo, says most cold urticaria patients she sees are like Grant: They don't test positive for any other known disorder. But that doesn't mean their condition isn't serious

USA TODAY, by Kim Painter, 1/23/2012

Tags: Allergy, Allergy, Immunology, Martha Hartz, Pediatrics

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