January 27, 2012

Minnesota child allergic to the cold


Schools deal with all kinds of children's allergies these days but none quite like the one that has been diagnosed in Jackson, Minnesota. In Mrs. Bosma's 5th grade class at Riverside Elementary nearly every child has one sort of allergy or another.  "So how many of you have allergies," asked Mrs. Bosma.
"During harvest there is dust and all that," said one child.  "I'm allergic to cigarette smoke," said another. And then there's Grant Schlager's response. "I have an allergy to cold," said Grant…"In particular if he gets a large cold exposure, he breaks out in a lot of hives," said Mayo Clinic's Dr. Martha Hartz who diagnosed Grant's allergy.

KARE 11, by Jeffrey DeMars, 01/26/2012

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