January 27, 2012

Tough talk for Minnesota’s medical community


Ezekiel Emanuel, the fiery former presidential health care adviser, threw down a challenge to Minnesota’s medical technology industry as he championed the 2010 health reform law during a Wednesday speech at the University of Minnesota. “I know I’m in the land of medical devices,’’ Ezekiel said with a little grin. “But you guys can do better by thinking about devices that save money.’’ If anyone’s counting, that’s the second shot Emanuel has taken at Minnesota’s medical community recently. A few weeks ago, a commentary he penned with Steven Pearson, a Massachusetts internist and policy wonk, took aim at Mayo Clinic.

Star Tribune, by Jill Burcum, 01/26/2012

Tags: 2010 health reform law, Ezekiel Emanuel, Issues, Research, Steven Pearson, University of Minnesota

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