January 31, 2012

Quietly, U.S. Moves to Block Lawsuits by Military Families


Why is the Justice Department trying to make it more difficult for service members and their families to sue the government for medical malpractice?... The Case of Asenath German…Asenath German came to the Naval Hospital in Jacksonville on October 3, 2008 complaining, not for the first time, of a severe headache…She was then transferred to Mayo Clinic Jacksonville for what the complaint calls "neurosurgical management of her subarachnoid hemorrhage." She had had a brain hemorrhage. She died in December 2010, nine months after she and her husband sued the hospital (and thus the Navy, and thus the United States), arguing that the military medical staff, doctors and nurses, had failed to properly treat her.

The Atlantic, by Andrew Cohen, 01/30/2012

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