February 6, 2012

Minimum standards mean less discipline


In Minnesota, a doctor has to meet the minimum standard to avoid state discipline. And when a physician is caught making a mistake, the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice often gives second chances. Take the case of Dr. James P. Wasemiller… In 1999, Terri Little went to Wasemiller for the procedure at a North Dakota hospital. Within hours, infection set in. After Little's condition continued to deteriorate, Wasemiller removed most of her stomach, court records show. She was later transferred to the Mayo Clinic after being diagnosed with an abdominal infection and "possible leakage" from surgery, court records show.

Star Tribune by Richard Meryhew, 02/03/2012

Tags: Dr. James P. Wasemiller, Legal / Leadership, Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minnesota Board of Medical Practice, Terri Little

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