February 7, 2012

Healthy returns in an ailing society


Despite billions of petrodollars spent on healthcare in Saudi Arabia, the kingdom’s targets for healthcare service have not been met in recent years. With the government’s push to include more private investment in the field, and Saudi Arabia’s burgeoning demand for medical services in a country that has high rates of diabetes and other ‘lifestyle’ diseases, the kingdom may have the potential to offer the highest returns in the Gulf Cooperation Council to those who can build and operate cost-effective hospitals and medical networks… Certainly, it is not to imitate models of medical pinnacles like the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, but instead to focus on delivery of a specific area of medicine and only provide post-hospital care in later phases after secondary care is established.

Executive Magazine, by Rayya Salem, 02/06/2012

Tags: Gulf Cooperation Council, International, Mayo Clinic Rochester, post-hospital care, Saudi Arabia

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