February 14, 2012

John Doerr’s Patient Health Care Start-Up Gains Momentum


… Such tools, experts say, are critical to transforming hospitals and clinics into “accountable care organizations,” the drift of current policy in which providers are paid for health outcomes — healthier patients — instead of inputs — procedures, tests and pills. That is, mimicking the approach at Essence Healthcare, the experiment Mr. Doerr largely financed for years. “The goals are better outcomes, improved safety and lower costs,” said Dr. Denis A. Cortese, former chief executive of Mayo Clinic and a professor at Arizona State University, who is also a board member of Essence Group. “And doctors might finally be paid to do that.”

NY Times Blog, by Steve Lohr, 02/13/2012

Tags: Arizona State University, Dr. Denis A. Cortese, Essence Group, Essence Healthcare, Finanical, Mr. Doerr, payment of doctors

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