February 15, 2012

Joe a driving force for brother Jake


Jake Ellenberger looked at Joe, his fraternal twin, and made a promise…Then he thought it might be mononucleosis -- which it wasn’t. Blood work came back “totally whacked out.” Doctors in Kearney couldn’t explain why Joe’s urine was cola-colored. Neither could anyone in Omaha. If the Mayo Clinic didn’t find a diagnosis, Joe Ellenberger was destined for medical textbooks. So he just wanted to know. Enough with the traveling, with having having blood drawn every other day. Plus he didn't want to burden his family anymore. So, he put his foot down. The voice from the Mayo Clinic told him.

ESPN Blog, 02/14/2012

Tags: cola-colored urine, Jake Ellenberger, Joe Ellenberger, Kearney, mononucleosis, Omaha, Urology

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