February 15, 2012

Pool-repair guy’s act of faith is a lifeline


Last year, Bob Mohan called a pool-repair guy to come over and talk about remodeling his patio. Mohan got more than an estimate that day. He got a lifeline, one tossed out by a stranger. This morning, that stranger is giving the former KFYI-AM (550) talk-radio host an extraordinary gift. "It'll mean a life. It means freedom," a clearly excited Mohan told me. "It's just unbelievable what this guy is doing for me." Unbelievable to Mohan and, I suspect, to most of us. But to Tim Gissel, it is all about belief, a resolute leap of faith right into the operating room at the Mayo Clinic.

Arizona Republic, by Laurie Roberts, 02/14/2012

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