February 17, 2012

Kindstar’s Lab Work in China Carries Challenges


Wuhan Kindstar Diagnostics does lab work for more than 2,000 hospitals in 320 cities across China … The Chinese government prohibits blood samples from leaving the country, which means even Chinese who can afford to use world-class testing centers such as the Mayo Clinic are forbidden from doing so…Franklin Cockerill III, CEO of Mayo Medical Laboratories, the testing arm of the Mayo Clinic, says he expects to help Kindstar hone its skills. While Kindstar has 1,000 tests, “we have closer to 3,500,” he says. “What we are doing is to clone those tests to Kindstar so they don’t have to do that development.”

Bloomberg, by Bruce Einhorn, 02/16/2012

Tags: blood samples, China, Franklin Cockerill III, International, Kindstar Diagnostics, Legal / Leadership, Mayo Medical Laboratories

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