February 23, 2012

Virtual Colonoscopies Suitable for People 65 and Older, Mayo Clinic Research Shows


A new study, led by a physician from Mayo Clinic in Arizona, shows that virtual colonoscopy isn’t just for younger people. The American College of Radiology Imaging Network study published in Radiology now indicates that virtual colonoscopy is comparable to standard colonoscopy for people better than 65 years old…C. Daniel Johnson, M.D., Chair of the Department of Radiology at Mayo Clinic in Arizona, and coauthor of the study hopes this further validates virtual colonoscopy as a colorectal cancer screening option, and will encourage more people to be screened. "The key isn’t so much the modality, the key is getting screened,” Dr. Johnson says.

BioPortfolio, 02/22/2012

Additional coverage: Medical Xpress

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