February 24, 2012

‘Still Waiting’: The Jessica Danielson Story


From streamers and cake to party hats and presents, it looks like an average birthday party. But this celebration is different. Jessica Danielson is celebrating her 30th Birthday. A birthday doctor's said she would never have. "At the time, they told me that I actually had about three years, but it's been ten, so I've actually done pretty good."… She went to the Mayo for a check-up. Once there, doctors dropped a bombshell. The lack of blood flow to her organs over the years had caused significant liver damage and now she needed not only a new heart, but a liver too."I got kind of terrified. I was like, I've been walking around not knowing how sick I was."

WDIO, by Paige Calhoun, 02/23/2012

Tags: been living for 10 years as opposed to 3, Jessica Danielson, lack of blood flow to organs, new heart and liver, significant liver damage, Uncategorized

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