February 27, 2012

‘Still Waiting:’ How Organ Transplants Work – Part II


"You can't wake up every day thinking, maybe it will happen today because you'll end up disappointed a lot." But the unknown isn't wearing on her today. Jessica Danielson is celebrating her milestone 30th birthday, and finding humor in her situation. As she opens presents with her family, she jokes that a candy heart is one of the organs she's been waiting for…Her liver has been damaged during the ten years her heart could not pump enough blood to her organs. Getting those transplants is not easy, or simple. The organs will have to come to Jessica. The nation is divided into regions, and the Mayo only takes organs from nearby states such as Wisconsin, Illinois, and the Dakotas, if their patients don't need them.

WDIO Duluth, by Paige Calhoun, 02/24/2012

Tags: Jessica Danielson, liver damages, Mayo Clinic Rochester, organ transplants, Transplant

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