February 28, 2012

Reefer Madness: It’s Time For a Logical Policy on Marijuana


What's the Big Idea? The legal status of medical marijuana in the United States is very hazy these days. 16 states plus the District of Columbia allow the use of medical marijuana, but there is a great discrepancy as to who is allowed to smoke it and how much they are allowed to possess. 17 other states have pending legislation that promises to add to the chaos. Then there is the federal government, whose policy represents "one incongruity after another," according to Dr. J. Michael Bostwick, Professor of Psychiatry at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Big Think, by Daniel Honan, 02/27/2012

Tags: Dr. J. Michael Bostwick, Issues, Legal / Leadership, Mayo Clinic Rochester, medical marijuana, Psychology and Psychiatry

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