February 29, 2012

Study Suggests a Link Between Sleeping Pills, Early Death


A new study suggests that people who take sleeping pills are more likely to die within a couple of years than those who don’t, though it doesn’t prove that the pills caused people to die before they otherwise would have — and outside experts say patients shouldn’t panic and toss their medications…But Virend Somers, a cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic who studies sleep and who wasn’t involved with the study, says that if there is a cause and effect relationship, it will likely take a randomized trial to convince doctors to change their prescribing habits. And such a study could be feasible, given the results seen in a short time frame in this study.

Wall Street Journal by Katherine Hobson, 02/28/2012

Additional coverage: MSN Health

Tags: Cardiology, cause and effect relationship, Research, Sleep Medicine, sleeping pills, Virend Somers

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