March 1, 2012

10 injured while clearing snow, treated at hospitals


Tuesday night's storm brought wet and heavy snow but several people were sent to the hospital after snow blower accidents. At least six people had surgery on their hands at Mayo Clinic Health System some of them lost fingers. Firefighters and doctors want to warn people to keep their hands out of snow blowers no matter what. Doctors say several people lost their fingers after they tried to clear snow from a snow blower…"With in my shift alone there's been four more that have arrived. There's some pretty significant injuries on all of them they had amputations or partial amputations of one or more digits on their hand," says Doctor Paul Krantz.

WEAU Eau Claire, by Chris Baylor, 02/29/2012

Tags: amputation, Dr. Paul Krantz, Mayo Clinic Health System, snow blower accidents

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